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A Color Picker, color chooser or color tool is a widget with with a graphic interface that is used by marketers and designers to create color schemes. Uses can select exact colors (RGB, HEX, CMYK) and use the Color Picker to select complimentary or contrasting colors, or to get gradients of that specific color.

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Color Picker from allows you to create A.I generated color palettes to inspire your ideas. Search your palette by color or use the Image Color Extractor to create one.
By WebFX
Color Picker by WebFX is a free HTML color selector. You can easily generate cohesive, harmonious color schemes by using the complementary, triade, tetrade, and analogic options up top, or you can create your own color palette from scratch by using t...
ColorExplorer is an online toolbox for working with color palettes. With ColorExplorer you can quickly and easily create, manage and evaluate color palettes for use in graphic design, web designs, layouts, and much more.
HTML Color Codes from Dixon & Moe is a powerful set of free color tools, including a color picker, color charts and names, tutorials, and resources.
The HTML Color Picker from W3Schools is a free online tool that allows designers to choose color schemes via a visual interface.
ImageColorPicker is a free HTML Color Picker that allows users to select a color and get the HTML Color Code of this pixel, as well as the HEX value, RGB value and HSV value
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