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Direct Mail tools for "hand written" messages automate the process of producing and delivering "hand written" letters to prospects. Tools in this category  allow marketers to select the postmark from which letters originate, as well as specifying the handwriting font that appears on each note.

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By Bond
Sending all of your customers personalized, handwritten notes is as easy as sending an email with Bond's turnkey process and premier account management team. With open rates that near 100%, handwritten notes outperform even the most effective digital...
MailLift's platform allows marketers to compose letters based on their own customer's information, which are then handwritten by MailLift's staff. MailLift integrates with Salesforce, Marketo and Pardot to track customer behavior before and after the...
With Thankster you can easily weave authentic looking, personalized handwritten cards into your marketing campaign. Manually writing cards, and doing it at the right time, is laborious and expensive. Use Thankster to surprise and delight customers an...
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