B2B Direct Mail Gifting and Swag

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B2B Direct Mail Gifting and Swag platforms enable marketers to automate the process of sending branded items or gifts through the mail to prospects and current customers. 

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By Alyce
Alyce is a AI-Powered Smart Gifting Platform for business swag services that uses its best-in-class experience, intelligence, and execution to drive greater impact.. The time-consuming but thoughtful actions that drive real relationships and trust, s...
By Amazon
Amazon Moments is a self-service loyalty offering which sends out both physical and digital rewards for marketers that are fulfilled, shipped and delivered by Amazon. Marketers can visit a dedicated Moments console, pick the specific goals they want ...
Loop & Tie is a corporate gifting platform created to help you create the perfect customer engagement experience and build long-lasting relationships by gifting choice. Instead of sending a gift or gift card, you send a collection and let your recipi...
Reachdesk is the global gifting platform for connection-building teams that allows companies to deliver gifts and direct mail that build deeper connections with customers, prospects and employees at the click of a button.
Sendoso is a B2B engagement platform that makes it easy for companies to send eGifts, personal notes, mailers, and more to their leads, partners and customers. No coding is required to amplify your ABM outreach with Sendoso. Simply add the Sendoso gi...
SwagIQ is a promotional gifting automation platform that integrates with Salesforce. SwagIQ is designed to make it easier for sales agents to use Salesforce information to pick the right time to send branded gifts, packages and other personalized tan...
By Thnks
Thnks is a gifting platform that enables sales and customer success teams to build stronger business relationships through gratitude. We provide a digital gifting platform that enables users to send thoughtful gestures of appreciation that foster bet...
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