Email Testing & Optimization

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Email Testing & Optimization tools enable marketers to get better performances from email campaigns. Tools in this category enable marketers to spot bad formatting, broken links and code problems before those emails reach customers. They enable marketers to ensure their emails are read as intended on any prospect's device. Tools may include capacity to troubleshoot emails read in dark mode. 

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Email on Acid provides email testing, troubleshooting and tracking tools to help simplify and improve email marketing efforts. This suite of tools allows organizations to preview emails in 41 different email clients and devices, diagnose and solve de...
GlockApps is an email testing and optimization solution. It checks your reputation, authentication, and provides comprehensive feedback for common ISP and corporate filters. Learn in real-time if there are any problems so you can fix them before send...
Litmus is a simple, web-based application that lets marketers preview their email marketing content across 30+ email devices and clients, to find out how emails look with pictures or HTML and whether or not it will pass through popular spam filters. ...
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