Connected Experience Tools

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Connected Experience Tools enable enterprises to use automation to schedule conference rooms and office space. They may also be used to ensure physical distancing during times of health crisises. 

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eSentire MDR is a managed detection and risk platform. It provides improved detection, 24/7 threat hunting, deeper investigation, end-to-end coverage and most of all, complete Response.
By Akamai
Fingerbank is a set of tools to identify networking devices based on their network fingerprints. A device fingerprint is very useful for numerous kind of applications. For example, it can be used by Network Access Control solutions such as PacketFenc...
Hexnode UEM is a simple and intuitive platform that enables organizations to secure, manage and monitor the endpoints from a unified central console. With extensive support for both BYOD and corporate-owned devices, Hexnode offers a wealth of tools p...
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