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Employee Communications and Engagement platforms help businesses build relationships and boost employee engagement while improving the employee and customer experience. These platforms can help to develop and maintain feelings of trust, value and community that are essential for engaged employees and strong workplace culture, which helps to improve on retention, performance, wellbeing and happiness. 

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By Kahoot
Actimo is the 360° employee app for non-desk teams that helps you make a difference on your people and your organization. It includes features for employee communication, wellbeing, productivity, and more.
Appspace is a workplace experience platform that brings together enterprises’ physical and digital workplaces to keep in-person and remote teams connected, informed, and engaged.
Collaboration IndeX is the first quantified self platform to improve your digital collaboration skills and monitor adoption on a large scale.
By Eko
Eko is a mobile-first communications platform that helps enterprises operate more productively, efficiently, and securely, in an increasingly mobile centric environment. The solution take the best of email, instant messaging and social networking to...
By Geoxis
HR, CRM & Project Management System The most powerful and simple way to collaborate with your team. Create invoices & Estimates Tracks time and expenses Add company’s employees, track their attendance and manage leaves business
Google Currents (formerly Google+ for G Suite) is an employee communication system that allows enterprises to build a productive community where everyone stays on the same page. Share ideas with employees and gather input through meaningful, focused ...
By Honey
Honey is a simple and beautiful intranet that becomes the go-to place for announcements, industry news, HR policies, important files, and quick links to other tools.
By Igloo
Igloo offers a cloud-based digital workplace ideal for businesses that want to work better with employees, partners, and/or customers. The platform develops social software that builds online communities where teams can keep track of what is happenin...
LumApps is an employee experience platform that engages every employee with personalized communications, regardless of location or language, and empowers them to do their best work by connecting them with the tools, people and information they need t...
By Pendo
Pendo Adopt is a suite of products that helps companies better understand how employees are using workplace software and take action to increase employee productivity, this includes Behavioral Analytics, In-App Guides, and Feedback.
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