Merchant Accounts

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Merchant Accounts are platforms that integrate directly with the enterprise's bank to process payments. Merchant Accounts often offer lower processing rates than other forms of payment tools.

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Braintree Marketplace is a common payments management platform purpose-built for merchants that act as an umbrella for multiple sellers, making it easy to split payments from customers between your marketplace and your sellers or providers. The secur...
The Cardinity merchant account is a perfect solution for businesses and sole proprietors who need to receive money from their customers all over the world. Cardinity offers online merchants the opportunity of secure credit and debit card payments. Th...
Eved Suppliers is a tool for events vendors to manage finances. As an EvedPay merchant, you will get paid on time and reduce billing disputes because the entire process is automated with direct deposit into your account. Simply upload your invoices a...
FIS™ Enterprise Payments helps financial institutions implement a centralized payments infrastructure that facilitates origination through instruction management to execution across the enterprise. Payment transactions are processed and managed irres...
Dell offers a complete in-store mobile ecosystem that enables brick and mortar retailers to deliver better customer experiences and faster check-out at the register. A connected system of Dell equipment, including Payment Card Industry (PCI)-complian...
Mobile8 Pay is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant e-commerce, mobile and IVR card payments solution that simplifies payment collections and improves operational efficiency.
Paysafe’s robust payment gateway provides merchants with everything they need to accept and process payments globally. Paysafe offers a number of secure, reliable and mobile-ready integration methods, hosted Payments APIs, REST APIs and easy-to-integ...
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