Competitor Pricing Intelligence

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Competitor Pricing Intelligence tools automate the tracking of products in multiple categories. Tools in this category may leverage internal or external sources of information, or include deal making tools. 

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Price Intelligence Data for retailers, brands & manufacturers. Discover top competitors on ad platforms, marketplaces and ecommerce sites to monitor competitors’ prices to stay ahead. Utilize accurate price intelligence data for repricing strategy, p...
Market Xpert, a game-changing tool for competitive contract bids, places powerful insight and competitive pricing at your fingertips, so you can win business without losing profitability. Users may cross-reference competitor product pricing, craft sm...
Price + Promo is a pricing tool to enable marketers to measure and manage your pricing and promotions position, effectively communicate this to your shoppers and optimize your performance. Features include the ability to monitor price changes for bot...
Pricesearch is price monitoring for eCommerce marketers, enabling easy monitoring of the prices of your competitors. Find competitors automatically. Receive alerts if your competitors' prices change. Know your competitors' stock position.
Prisync is competitor price tracking tool for eCommerce retailers. Easy to use dashboard and reports provide online retailers with a very dynamic view of their competitor’s prices and product assortments.
Skuuudle is a pricing platform that tracks the prices of competitor products. Skuuudle gathers billions of price points from websites all around the world every month to enable marketers to find which of their own products are overpriced or could hav...
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