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Productivity tools are designed to streamline communication and share documents, calendars and milestones so that joint projects get done faster and better without communication barriers between team members. 

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FollowUp for Email is a lightweight productivity suite that keeps your conversations and tasks from slipping through the cracks. Set perfectly timed reminders that arrive at the top of your inbox, right when you need them.
By Kyber
Kyber is an all-in-one suite of Slack apps that integrates messaging with calendars, reminders, to-do lists, and maps to get more done together and to make life easier. With Kyber, users can send reminders to others, check and update calendars, searc...
By Remo
Remo Virtual Office is a collaboration tool facilitating remote work and distributed teams for enterprises. Remo offers individual “rooms” where employees can casually chat or collaborate. Instantly interact with a coworker just by logging in, enteri...
By Slack
Slack is a communication platform for software development teams. Designed to capture all discussions in one central place, the easy-to-use tool is intuitive enough so that developers can invite clients and non-technical upstream and downstream stake...
SmartTask is a productivity tool that enables teams to manage workflow. SmartTask give the entire organization visibility into progress, down to the individual assigned each task.
TimenTask is a productivity platform with tools for automating the work process and monitoring the team's progress.
  Compare is a chat-based productivity tool that helps employees to offload and automate everyday tasks including searching for files, scheduling meetings, generating documents and much more. Get back to your higher value work by using — all wi...
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