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Spreadsheet software is one of the most-used technologies for collecting, computing, and displaying data. Spreadsheets contain a rectangular array of cells in rows and columns that can hold data. Users can create business models, graphs and charts, and reports for financial, statistical, or other data. 

Source: Encycolpedia.com

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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. It enables individuals and teams to calculate and graph information, as well as pivot tables, using a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Appl...
Fullfree is database software that can be downloaded and used freely. You can create your own customer management system and member management system for free. It is also effective for those who did not fit their company with the existing CRM. It sup...
GRID is a cloud-based web platform that allows anyone to create and share professional looking interactive documents online. Connect a spreadsheet, create your GRID document and communicate your data. Beautiful, interactive, shareable.
By Rows
Rows is a spreadsheet solution with built-in integrations and a slick sharing experience. Analyze data, build forms and share dashboards that connect to your business. It's made for teams to build and share their work, all in one place.
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