Gift Card Tools

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Gift Card Tools enable marketers to create and manage gift cards. Products in this subcategory include gift card design and gift card management tools. 

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Flatlay is a platform matching influencer marketers and brands seeking their content. Flatlay easily makes content shoppable by auto-tagging brand products when creators upload their photos. For brands, Flaylay can automate outreach on campaigns or s...
The Gift Card Extension for Magento 2 allows admins to create Gift Card samples and configure them with ease.
By LoyLap
Gift Cards by LoyLap includes all you need for a successful gift card system. You can choose between cards designed specifically for your business, or pre-designed cards to suit any business type. Loading Gift Cards with any denomination is incredibl...
By Givex
Givex features a comprehensive menu of gift cards, loyalty cards, giveaway cards and other e-gifts, plus a range of extras and options for brands, such as design-your-own card and card loss protection. At the center of Givex is analytics. Givex has o...
By Gyft
Gyft is a digital gift card platform that provides retailers with a powerful revenue channel. Gyft is designed to drive customer acquisition, increase shopper interaction and boost social engagement. Gyft technology also powers loyalty and rewards pr...
By Rybbon
Rybbon is an online platform for marketers to manage eGift campaigns like Amazon e-gift cards. Rybbon enables enterprises to setup a curated selection of gifts and donations and let your recipients select their preferred gift or donate to the charity...
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