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Traffic Counters are small, often free or freemium, add-ons, apps or plug-ins that embed in website or blog code and count unique site visitors. Also called hit counters, these tools may gather additional data such as visitor's browser, location, keywords that led the visitor to the page, number of visits and more. (See also Web Analytics)


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AWStats is a free web statistics tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics.
ClickMeter is a traffic measurement tool. Through an online dashboard or API integration users have access to a portfolio of tools including: click and conversion tracking, short links, branded domain, A/B testing, dynamic traffic redirect.
By Gauges
Gauges provides web traffic stats in real time. The user-friendly, cost-effective tool tracks how many visitors view the company's web site, where the visitors are coming from, and where they go. As new information filters in, the platform automatica...
With a gallery of design styles to choose from and a simple code generator,'s free web traffic counters are handy tools for tracking how many people are visiting a site. Each of the counters is supported by a small text ad to cover cos...
  Compare is a visitor counter service that includes a gallery of over 400 traffic counters to choose from, indexed by category.
Simple Hit Counter is a traffic counting widget. Users select the counter style and the starting number and then are given some simple html code to put on the web page.
StatCounter is a website analytics solution that tracks visitors in real time. The solution offers two levels of analysis -- a simple summary statistics for all pageloads, unique, returning and first-time visitors, and highly detailed analysis of a ...
Supercounters are free web traffic counter widgets for webmasters and bloggers that want to access real-time web stats from anywhere at anytime.
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