Identity Management and Access

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Identity Management tools, also known as Identity and Access Management tools (IAM), automate the processof implementing security policies and technologies that ensure those who are given access to systems have it, and those who have not been granted access do not. Identity Management systems may include single sign-on tools, permissions levels for granting access, and multi-factor authentication methods for departments or enterprises.

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Data Zoo is a multi-layered Identity Verification solution that is customised for any industry sector and regulated organisation. It is a global identity solution that specialises in the APAC region for organisations to manage their AML/CT, KYC and a...
The ForgeRock Identity Platform is an identity and access management solution that secures digital identities for people, devices, and connected things online. The system has four core components: Access Management, Identity Management, Identity Gat...
The Customer Identity Management Platform enables companies to provide comprehensive customer registration, authentication, single sign-on, preference and consent management, as well as self-service account recovery. The solution collects, stores and...
IdentityNow is a platform for cloud-based identity governance. IdentityNow is ready for today’s complex hybrid IT environments and unifies identity management processes across cloud, mobile and on-premises environments, from the cloud.
RapidIdentity is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform offering organizations lower costs of identity and access management through automation. With RapidIdentity, organizations can transform identity and access management across all users...
SAP Customer Identity and Access Management (SAP CIAM) is a platform for customer identity and access for B2B enterprises. SAP CIAM is a solution to secure identity, consent and access control with built-in authorization processes, helping organizati...
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