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Marketing Technology Management
for the Enterprise

Marketing Technology Management
for the Enterprise

Centralized Oversight of Your Marketing Technology

Marketing technology defined: All the technology that is used to acquire, engage, and retain customers and create the ideal customer experience.

Centralized oversight and management of the marketing technology stack is essential for managing marketing technology expenses, data compliance, security risk, and to assess technology performance against business objectives.

The CabinetM platform provides the essential tools that Marketing Operations teams and marketing technologists need to track, visualize, report, and evolve marketing technology stacks.

What's In Your Stack

Build and Visualize Your Stacks

Our scalable marketing technology stack configurator makes it easy to:

  • Audit and manage technology in use, being tested, or that you've retired
  • Track both acquired and internally developed technology
  • Capture information about how data is flowing and how products are integrated
  • Include agencies in your stack that have implemented technology on your behalf
  • Assess technology performance, expose critical technology gaps
  • Reduce technology spend by eliminating redundant products, functions, and contracts
  • Create a single source of truth for the marketing technology you use

A Comprehensive Picture of Your Stack Architecture

Stack Maps show the relationships between products in your stack. With the click of a button you can:

  • Generate visualizations that show how products are integrated
  • Map integrations to stack layers, customer journeys, a sales funnel, your roadmap and more
  • Isolate specific products and their integrations to pinpoint dependencies and avoid a disaster when removing a product from the stack

Track Products, Contracts, Licenses, and Vendor Details

Capture all the information about the contracts you've signed and the vendors you work with.

  • Document contract details and set renewal reminders
  • Track governance information
  • Manage product implementation and user information
  • Track and score product utilization
  • Maintain vendor contact information and escalation procedures for support
  • Add custom fields to support your specific requirements
  • Customize your contract summary view to display the information most critical to you
  • Export all contract information as needed

Collaborate and Report

Work at an individual, team or enterprise level. Collaborate across the organization and with your agencies.

  • Work together to build and optimize stacks
  • Use Stack Reports to consolidate information across multiple stacks
  • Share the details of your marketing technology stack across the organization via a secure custom URL.

Access Stack Insights

Use the CabinetM technology directory, Stack Insights and My Drawers to discover new technology and manage your technology evaluation process.

  • Browse more than 12,000 products across
    300+ categories
  • Access technology adoption data through Stack Insights to see which products are most popular by category, and to correlate that information to the products in your stack
  • Leverage My Drawers to create a single reference for all technology evaluation information. Centralize notes from vendor calls and links to vendor and RFP information

Track and Align Skills

Lack of skills is a key reason that technology is underutilized in many organizations and doesn't delivery the expected ROI. With SkillStacks, you can align your technology proficiency with your marketing technology strategy. Use SkillStacks to:

  • Identify skill gaps
  • Surface potential exposure due to limited
    technology coverage
  • Find internal experts
  • Normalize technology qualifications
    across functions
  • Pinpoint training needs
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