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Build Your Marketing Stacks!

Build Your Marketing Stacks!

What is a Marketing Stack?

A marketing stack is a visual representation of a technology suite being used to achieve a specific business objective. Long used by engineering teams, stacks are now being adopted by marketers to track and manage the technology being used to acquire, engage and retain customers.

In their simplest incarnation, marketing stacks can be used to support budget and strategy presentations and to communicate technology strategy across the organization.

A Framework to Manage
Digital Transformation

More than just a snapshot, CabinetM’s Marketing Stack Framework transforms the marketing stack into a collaboration platform to enable marketing teams and their agencies to work together to define, implement and manage an enterprise-wide marketing technology strategy.

An innovative solution to the problems of technology oversight, visibility, and management, the CabinetM marketing stack framework makes it easy to track the function, spend, performance and integration relationships of technology products in use throughout the enterprise and to map an achievable digital transformation strategy.

It Starts With Your First Stack

CabinetM’s Marketing Stack Configurator makes it easy to create and maintain a common view of all your marketing technology and track the relationship between the various tools you use.

  • Create customizable layers
  • Drag and drop products into your stack
  • Automatically link to product profiles in the CabinetM directory
  • Tag stacks by function for easy sorting

Your Marketing Stack,
Your Way

There is no right or wrong way to construct a marketing stack. The most common ways to construct stack layers are:

  • By product category (a good starting point to quickly get to an inventory of products)
  • By the steps in a buyer’s journey
  • By the segments of the sales and marketing funnel

Add Your Products and
Manage the Details

With your stack layers defined, add the technology products you use.

  • Don’t stop with your acquired tech - track internally developed technology and integrate code
  • Annotate products in the stack with function, spend, performance, and integration information
  • Link to your analytics dashboards
  • Track contract information and auto-renewal dates
  • Keep track of who owns what
  • Add-in the agencies you use to support your technology strategy and deployments

Collaborate Across the
Enterprise or With Agencies

Work independently or collaborate with colleagues

  • Create teams to collaborate on building and maintaining stacks
  • Make stacks visible by tagging them as TEAM or ENTERPRISE stacks.
  • Run stack reports across the organization to identify redundant technology and to see what others in the organization are using
  • Create custom URLs to share specific stacks with external colleagues.

Move Beyond Spreadsheets!

Want the benefit of a spreadsheet view with easy maintenance?

  • View stacks in a Table View
  • Download stacks as Excel files

Keep On Stacking – One Isn’t
Always Enough

Stacks can be created for each team, each department and for the enterprise.

Use them to track:

  • Products being used
  • Products being evaluated and tested
  • Products that have been tested and discarded (the Trash Stack)
  • Products that have been used and retired

Our Enterprise Cabinet lets you sort all that data and create custom reports.

Map Your Strategy

Your current stack is the starting point for mapping your future strategy

  • Look for gaps in your current stack
  • Improve performance and increase efficiency by identifying opportunities for integrations between tools
  • Evaluate whether commercial technology may be a better alternative to your internally developed technology
  • Create generic icons as placeholders for technology you need to research

Start building your “Future Stack” and prioritize the technology you need to test and try.

Track Technology Proficiency

Is your team’s technology proficiency aligned with your marketing technology strategy? Lack of skills is a key reason that technology is grossly under utilized in many organizations and doesn’t deliver the ROI anticipated.

SkillStacks™ help organizations to track and manage technical proficiency at the individual or team level. Use SkillStacks to:

  • Find internal experts
  • Identify potential exposure due to limited technology coverage
  • Normalize technology qualifications across functions
  • Identify training needs
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