The place to build your personal and company marketing stacks.

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Company Stacks


Company Marketing Stacks

Connect your marketing strategy to the tools you use
Track and manage: Approved tools. Tools being used and tested. Discarded Tools.
Identify gaps in your stack and find new tools
Discover opportunities for performance improvement
Collaborate with peers to optimize your stack

Personal SkillStacks

Enhance your resume and cover letter by including your own custom SkillStack URL
Showcase your skills on LinkedIn by embedding your stack in your profile
Discover new tools by sharing stacks with friends
Demonstrate thought leadership and help your friends by creating specialized stacks that showcase your preferred tools
Solicit advice from your mentors and colleagues on building your skills by sharing your stack
"Marketers are blessed with an incredible diversity of marketing software products that they can mix and match into a unique marketing stack that is tailored to the requirements of their business and brand. With services such as CabinetM, it's becoming easier to design and manage these multi-vendor solutions effectively and efficiently."
Scott Brinker
Editor at
Co-founder & CTO at ion interactive, inc.
“Keeping track of all our marketing technology solutions in play at any given time, across our global organization, and understanding how these products integrate or overlap, or where we have a gap, is an enormous challenge. MyStacks creates a visual representation allowing us to see exactly how a solution fits into our overall workflow and how it integrates with our existing tech architecture helping us improve our marketing operations and increase our ROI.”
Laurie Klausner
VP of Worldwide Marketing
"Marketing stacks are a competitive, strategic and frankly, must-have tool for today’s modern marketer. CabinetM’s MyStacks tool extends a huge opportunity for agencies and companies trying to figure out the complex nature of building an ideal marketing technology stack. With Cabinet M’s technology, we can now quickly conceptualize and customize the entire technology mix for each of our clients and easily track performance client-to-client.”
Travis Wright
Chief Marketing Technologist
CCP Global