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Gütersloh, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Agency Overview
Arvato is an international service provider with some 70,000 employees in more than 40 countries. They design and implement innovative solutions for clients from all over the world. These include, for example, intelligent customer service offers via all contact channels in the CRM sector, end-to-end e-commerce services for retailers and brands in the field of SCM, fraud prevention and payment services in the financial industry, and IT services in the cloud. Arvato is a division of Bertelsmann.
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Products and Services

After Sales

Arvato offers in After Sales a comprehensive and diversified service portfolio. It starts with Diagnostics before a customer sends in a device or even calls one of their service centers. Arvato manages complex After Sales networks on a European basis and ensures that your customer promise is kept, while providing you transparency across the entire value chain.
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Corporate Information Management

Arvato's unique corporate information management (CIM) approach offers you an integrated information management process. This allows them to create, manage, translate, procure and distribute your product-supporting information, goods and services across physical and digital channels in one fell swoop.
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E-Commerce Solutions

Arvato's E-Commerce Solutions offer fast and easy integration of shop platforms, logistics, payment systems and customer service.
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Financial Solutions

Arvato Financial Solutions is synonymous with professional outsourcing services (Finance BPO) centering on cash flow in all phases of the customer lifecycle – from risk management and invoicing to debtor management, the sale of receivables and debt collection. As part of this, they focus on minimizing default rates in the business initiation phase and during the collection process. As a result, their services also include optimizing the selection of payment types internationally.
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IT Solutions

Arvato provides digital transformation solutions, enabling companies to make their visions reality. Their IT outsourcing uses a range of Cloud-based models, mobile solutions, BPM, ERP - the spectrum is wide, the solutions are industry-focused.
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SCM and Logistics

Arvato's SCM and Logistics solutions power the logistics backbone and orchestrate multichannel fulfillment for B2C, B2B, store & retail fulfillment.
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