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Tuscon, Arizona, United States
Company Overview
AudioEye is a technology company serving businesses committed to providing equal access to their online content. Transforming how the world experiences digital content, AudioEye solves issues of accessibility and enhances the user experience for the broadest audience possible.
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Products and Services

AudioEye Free

AudioEye is a web optimization platform that aids brands in quickly complying with American Disabilities Act-related digital accessibility requirements. AudioEye Free goes beyond manual surface-level testing, prevalent in the product category today. The “Plug and Play” product enables website managers to use a simple browser-agnostic tool to immediately identify, evaluate, and remediate Web Content Accessibility Guidelines violations. Website managers are able to make smart accessibility fixes to every page visually on their website and publish those changes without having to edit the source code, saving substantial time and resources.
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AudioEye Managed

AudioEye Managed offers a fully managed solution that provides a comprehensive speed-to-compliance service, manual testing services with a sustainable testing and remediation plan with an Accessibility Warranty. AudioEye Managed is trusted by an unrivaled collection of some of the largest and most influential organizations, agencies, and enterprises in the world, including Samsung, ADP, the Federal Communications Commission, and Uber.
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AudioEye Pro

AudioEye Pro is a digital accessibility tool enabling brands to be compliant with the American Disabilities Act. AudioEye Pro expands on AudioEye Free with automated accessibility remediations, our AudioEye Toolbar, continuous monitoring and an accessibility statement for modern Content Management Systems including WordPress,, Weebly, Shopify, Drupal, Squarespace, and more with machine learning built from years of experience. Designed for small and medium businesses, AudioEye Pro provides access to a 24/7 Help Desk that offers continuous accessibility support for designers and developers. Reported issues are directed to subject matter experts who are empowered to take action and address issues that are impacting real users. Starting at $12.99 per month, AudioEye Pro removes any cost barrier for companies who wish to make their website digitally accessible.
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