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Bizita Technologies

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Agency Overview
Bizita Technologies is software Development Company that aims startups and businesses build quality software to develop and scale. We partner with startups and outsource web application development to enhance the productivity in business. Bizita Technologies have work experience developing customized mobile applications, agile management, digital marketing, big data intelligence, digital service consulting, devops, and software development across global markets. For More Information: Call or chat: +91-9425615765 Email: Website:
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Products and Services

Agile Management

Bizita offers Agile Development and Management solutions. Agile development divides the product into smaller sections and combines them afterwards for final round. The main purpose of Agile is to help in managing complex projects and can be implemented in a variety of strategic framework tools like a sprint, safe and scrum.
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BIG Data Intelligence

Bizita's BIG Data Intelligence solutions include enterprise data management (ERP data, transaction data, structured data, and structureless data), business analysis, big data engineering & architecture, and database management/administration.
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Bizita uses a DevOps oriented approach in order to give the best results to their clients. The best part about using DevOps is that it provides time & cost efficiency to your business.
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Digital Marketing

Bizita offers Digital Marketing services that include content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and search engine marketing.
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Digital Service Consulting

Bizita's Digital Consulting Service makes sure that you stay efficient in every area of your business operation and processes. They use their knowledge and expertise to maximize efficiency and lower your liabilities. Your digital assets and how you utilize them makes a huge impact on your future. Bizita uses their expertise ensure a safe future of your business. They help companies in managing their assets for better cost management, process efficiency and better strategic achievement.
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Mobile App Develoment

Bitiza offers mobile app development for iOS, Android, and Windows. Their services include User Experience (UX) design, cross-platform coverage, security, and more.
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Software Development

Bizita develops customized software to match your business goals. Their expertise includes software for MLMs, eCommerce development, billing/transactional software, school management software, and more.
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Web Design and Development

Bitiza offers customized web application development.
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