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Bremen, Germany
Agency Overview
Consultix GmbH has its headquarters in Bremen, Germany, and operates at international level as a provider of marketing and IT services. The owner-led company was founded in 1994 and delivers web-based services and software for customer relationship management (CRM), customer loyalty systems, digital marketing and e-business. Global brands trust Consultix and its solutions, advice and extensive customer support.
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Products and Services

360 Consulting Services

Consultix is a “one-stop shop” for digital marketing, e-commerce and cloud/hosting requirements. The combination of technical know-how and business expertise, together with their experience in providing effective e-business solutions, enables them to offer you a complete portfolio of consultancy services for your e-business.
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CRM & Digital Marketing

Consultix provides you with support in all areas relating to customer relationship management (CRM) and digital marketing. Their portfolio includes consulting, design and implementation services for CRM and digital marketing strategies and projects. Their particular expertise lies in projects with an international focus.
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Domain Management

Consultix provides secure and professional Global Domain Management services to corporate and government customers with a variety of domain names they wish to protect. Whatever domain management services your organization requires, Consultix has solutions for protecting your digital brand identity and simplifying your domain name portfolio administration.
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Postal Address Check

The postal address check validates postal addresses to ensure the best possible address quality. Addresses are automatically checked, standardised and corrected. Good address quality is of particular importance when you are planning direct marketing measures via post. Checking the addresses in advance increases the success of your measures by ensuring better response rates, fewer returns and lower postage costs.
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Security Solutions

Consultix Security Services allow organizations to securely deploy mission-critical applications and networks to gain competitive advantage. The confidence that comes from knowing that company information assets are secure is the key that can unlock explosive new Internet business opportunities and dynamic growth. For Enterprise Customers, network security technologies enable new business applications by reducing risk and providing a foundation for expanding your business with Intranet, Extranet, and electronic commerce applications.
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Server Hosting Services

Server hosting is a cost-effective, flexible web solution for all businesses, regardless of size, who are intending to establish a web presence. Consultix Server Hosting Services drastically reduces the cost of getting your project started on the web by permitting multiple servers to reside on a single high-performance server that connects through their high-speed Internet backbone. Fueled by cutting edge technology, your web site and applications will be protected with secured servers, assured redundancy and uninterrupted operations with 99.9%+ uptime. Consultix's technical support team is available to you when you need it most. Your site is guarded and monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
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Technology & Business Process Outsourcing

Information Technology & Business Process Outsourcing services can help reduce costs and improve efficiency. Consultix recognizes that mission-critical e-business applications require a top-notch physical infrastructure integrated with automated operations management. These assets are the foundation of Consultix Outsourcing Services, a growing suite of services designed to ease your integration burden, address the critical shortage of skilled technical resources, meet the requirements of your application, and increase its availability.
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WebContent Management

With their WebContent Managment service, Consultix offers just the right concept for your Internet presence, and implements this for you efficiently and flexibly. Consultix creates international websites for globally active companies, brands, web shops, campaigns and more in line with individual requirements – from technical implementation, consulting and maintenance to the roll-outs of individual country websites.
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