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JaJuMa GmbH

Stuttgart, Germany
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Full-Service #eCommerce + #Magento Agency | Magento based all-in-one #Marketplace Solution
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English, German
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Magento 2 WebP Optimized Images

WebP is the Next-Gen image file format developed and recommended by Google. WebP Optimized Images extension for Magento enables you to use WebP in your store. Benefit from faster page load times and optimized performance. With performance being critical for User Experience (UX) as well as for SEO rankings, this is an optimization opportunity that should not be missed by any store. Especially nowadays where Google puts more weight on performance as well as mobile experience assuming mobile/lower bandwidth users. By deciding to use WebP in your store, you can not do anything wrong. Usage of WebP is recommended for example by Google Page Speed Insights as well as "Lighthouse" the performance audit tool included in Chrome Developer Tools, which is also used by Google internally for evaluating page speed, load times and performance of a site. But, not only Google will reward you with better rankings. Also, your customers will be grateful for faster page load times. As a result, you will see higher conversion rates. Furthermore, integrating WebP support to your store is as easy as it can get with our Extension. Of course, with no hidden costs or dependencies from any 3rd Party. What are you waiting for? Get this must-have improvement today and enjoy the optimization results with minimum extra efforts and low risk. See below for details regarding the impressive improvements and possible file size reductions. Discover how easy to use but still flexible our solution is.
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