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Alessandria, Italia, Italy
Agency Overview
We are a team of designers, software engineers, database experts, desktop and mobile website developers, creators of interactive experiences for large touchscreens and video walls, marketing engineers and project managers who love to build and distribute beautiful data-driven products . We start from a careful analysis and research, to arrive at a design of your website, original, suitable for your business and your positioning, intuitive and with an attractive design, capable of attracting visitors and converting them into customers.
No. of Employees
Services Overview
Brand design, digital strategies, Interaction design and app development, Ecommerce, IT consulting, creative graphic services, digital signage content management, software development, systems integration, Technical Support, maintenance
English, French, Italian

Technical Proficiency

digital signage, interactive touch screen, display and video wall, programming languages, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, C++,VB, WP
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Products and Services

Kiosk Emoticon

Kiosk Emoticon is a kiosk solution that detects customer satisfaction with smileys. Kiosk Emoticon can be implemented to measure the satisfaction of your customers both online and on devices such as iPads and tablets. Kiosk Emoticon helps companies to understand the latent needs, often unexpressed, of their customers and to develop the sensitivity and the ability to intervene to improve service and keep the customer.
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Kiosk Hydra

Kiosk Hydra is software for managing queues, waits and user flows. Kiosk Hyda 18, thanks to its innovative flow management engine, simplifies the problems related to queues, helping to reduce waiting times and promoting effective management.
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Kiosk Targa

Kiosk Targa is room booking, wayfinding and digital signage software designed specifically for hotels, conferences centers, and meeting centers. With the new version of Kiosk Targa you can book the meeting and meeting rooms that best meet your business or client briefing needs. A few clicks to see the availability of free rooms, book the most suitable workspace and show occupancy on modern outdoor displays.
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Kiosk Varco

Kiosk Varco is a visitor registration solution that maximizes reception efficiency by simplifying check-in, check-out and badge printing. Kiosk Varco improves the security of your facility while ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations and supporting COVID-19 prevention procedures. In addition, the software facilitates your periodic checks by providing you with the information and data you need.
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Kiosk Wayfinder

Kiosk Wayfinder is an interactive digital route visualization system for shopping centers, offices, and hospitals that provides users with intuitive information and routes to reach their destinations. Designed to solve problems of orientation and location availability, Kiosk Wayfinder transforms any touch screen display system into a clear, intriguing and highly appealing interactive map.
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