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Customer Experience and Success tools help enterprises monitor, respond to, and improve key interactions with a brand, allowing them to prospect along the customer journey and incorporate customer feedback into every decision. Tools in this category may include Market Research and Customer Review Tools.

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By Aajoda
Aajoda is all-in-one software for reviews and testimonials. Create, collect, publish, manage and spread all the positive stories about your business in a powerful way.
With eTouchPoint’s “Action Alerts” software, you receive real-time alerts every time a customer leaves a negative survey response. You can take immediate action to address customer complaints and close out resolved issues. Prevent viral spread of neg...
Customer Experience Optimization is a personalization tool designed to help travel brands capture greater market share, engage more valuable customers, and drive direct bookings and greater yields through the power of personalization. This people-bas...
By Adobe
Adobe Experience Cloud gives you access to an integrated set of solutions to build campaigns, manage your advertising, and gain deep intelligence about your business. And it’s all unified through powerful core services that give you access to your cu...
AdvocateHub is the flagship offering from Influitive. The web-based Referral Marketing and Brand Advocate solution is purpose-built to help brands engage, mobilize and rate the acquisition of new customers through referrals from existing customers.
By Akita
Akita is a Customer Success Management platform that helps businesses nurture, retain, and grow their customer base. The solution connects the cloud-based software-as-a-service applications businesses use and aggregates data in real-time. Providing C...
Using Alterian’s Chameleon Adaptive Customer Experience Platform, Adaptive Marketers can send hyper-targeted personalized email messages that stay relevant right up to the moment of engagement. Customers experience in-the-moment personalization based...
Ambassador provides a flexible, customized experience for any referral program by streamlining referral, partner and affiliate channels into a single dashboard.
By Amdocs
amdocsONE is a set of set of cloud-native, modular and open offerings and services that allow you to modernize, automate and digitize your business. The business-value driven amdocsONE portfolio leverages cloud-native microservice technologies for hi...
By Ansira
Ansira Edge Technology Suite is full-service, modular-based technology, purpose-built for relationship and channel marketers. The modules — brand protection and market intelligence, through-channel marketing automation (TCMA), local marketing activat...
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