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New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
ActionIQ is a marketing technology company focused on innovation in customer data management and analysis. The New York company develops solutions for business decision makers without the need to rely on advanced IT or professional analysts. ActionIQ philosophy doesn't equate the ability to code in SQL with the ability to become a marketing data power-user.
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Products and Services


ActionIQ is a scalable, Customer Data Platform for Large Enterprises. ActionIQ is designed to leverage trillions of interactions and allow marketers to talk to their customers in unison across channels, enhancing the efficacy of CRM programs and delivering measurable business results. ActionIQ serves as the smart hub that connects to any data source and any channel while empowering marketers to access, manipulate, and make actionable all their customer data, from audience discovery to cross-channel orchestration and testing—without relying on scarce IT resources at each step. ActionIQ unlocks a seamless flow of actionable customer data from across the enterprise to deliver a truly personalized consumer journey. Marketing teams can continuously optimize, iterate, and fine tune strategies while proving immediate effectiveness.
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ActionIQ B2B CDP

The ActionIQ B2B CDP allows B2B companies to leverage all known and anonymous customer and account data to build a 360-degree customer view that powers highly personalized, impactful customer experiences.
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ActionIQ CX.AI

CX.AI is a suite of AI-enabled solutions purpose-built for customer experience (CX), marketing, and data teams. CX.AI is an audience co-pilot for marketers, a decisioning engine for personalizing the customer experience, and a GenAI content builder to create customized, on-brand content.
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CX Hub is a collection of powerful and fully configurable modular solutions that gives all enterprise teams direct but controlled self-service access to customer data to create audiences and orchestrate customer experiences at scale. The AIQ CX Hub comprises four modular solutions — Customer Data Platform (CDP), Audience Center, Journey Management and Real-Time CX — designed to help brands give business teams the freedom to explore and action on customer data, while helping technical teams extend and enhance existing technology investments to manage data governance, costs and performance. The CX Hub integrates with any data source or channel, and gives organizations the freedom to purchase a CDP from AIQ or use their own in-house solution.
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AIQ CX Hub for Acquisition Marketing

CX Hub for Acquisition Marketing is a solution that allows advertisers and marketers to prospect and acquire new customers in a world without third-party cookies. As a result, brands can sunset their data management platforms (DMPs) which rely on third-party cookies and future-proof their acquisition strategy by leveraging first-party data, augmented with third-party identities for addressability. This solution covers all the key use cases of acquisition marketing, including prospecting, site personalization, retargeting, and suppression, all by leveraging first-party data in a secure and privacy-conscious way.
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