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Audience Segmentation & Targeting tools allow marketers to divide their audiences into a homogenous group by demographics, location, and even IP address, in order to fine-tune a message directly to that group. Targeting tools enable marketers to reach the right customer by serving ads to customers based on those segments.

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4INFO is a targeting tool using both home and mobile data to reach customers. 4INFO uniquely gives you the ability to accurately target consumers across all of their screens at unprecedented scale, and then provide full funnel measurement to evaluate...
By Acquia
Acquia Digital Commerce is a solution that enables marketers to unify data, content, commerce, and digital merchandising into a single data layer to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience across the customer lifecycle. Acquia Digital Commerce deli...
By Act!
Act! Essentials helps you easily consolidate and manage contacts, activities, notes, and history, and connect with prospects and customers in one organized place, accessible from anywhere.into group initiatives
Actian Avalanche is a hybrid cloud data warehouse designed to deliver high performance and scale across all dimensions – data volume, concurrent user, and query complexity. Its innovative architecture maximizes compute, memory and disk efficiency whi...
CX.AI is a suite of AI-enabled solutions purpose-built for customer experience (CX), marketing, and data teams. CX.AI is an audience co-pilot for marketers, a decisioning engine for personalizing the customer experience, and a GenAI content builder t...
Beabloo's Active Customer Intelligence Suite (ACIS) is a suite of integrated digital solutions that will allow you to communicate with customers in your establishment, analyze them and build personalized experiences. ACIS incorporates cutting-edge te...
Activecore Marketing Cloud allows you to use DMP as a starting point, and then implement, measure, and analyze data all on one platform.
Acuity Live Audiences is a segmentation too enabling marketers to incorporate the most recent and relevant audience insights to achieve improved efficiency and effectiveness with your media dollars. Its proprietary Blended Interest Graph technology u...
By Acxiom
Acxiom Audience Cloud is a first-of-its-kind cross-channel management tool designed to help make 1:1 consumer connections across channels and platforms. The easy-to-use self-service solution allows business leaders and marketers to select the right d...
AdBeacon is a real time ad optimization and attribution SaaS platform that enables online advertisers, especially Facebook marketers to use their own data to accurately target advertisers in real time. AdBeacon uses the power of first-party tracking ...
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