Audience Segmentation

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Audience Segmentation tools allow marketers to divide their audiences into a homogenous group by demographics, location, and even IP address, in order to fine-tune a message directly to that group. Tools in the Micro Segmentation group allow marketers to create small categories based upon media use, product usage, communication habits, devices and behavioral and demographic data gathered.

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Activity-based Recommendation Technology (ART) simplifies the search for receptive health audiences by providing an audience engine, an application platform with custom segmentation and targeting capabilities, and a rich analytics solution that deliv...
Acuity Live Audiences is a segmentation too enabling marketers to incorporate the most recent and relevant audience insights to achieve improved efficiency and effectiveness with your media dollars. Its proprietary Blended Interest Graph technology u...
By Acxiom
Acxiom Audience Cloud is a first-of-its-kind cross-channel management tool designed to help make 1:1 consumer connections across channels and platforms. The easy-to-use self-service solution allows business leaders and marketers to select the right d...
By Alida
Alida Sparq offers customers the best source of continuously updated insights about customer preferences, priorities, and buying behaviors. Alida Sparq uses a relationship-based approach to progressively profile and segment customers at every interac...
App Science TV is an analytics tool bringing insights to the TV landscape. App Science TV enables users to analyze the app ecosystem, locations, and other consumer behaviors from over 300MM mobile devices to gain deeper insights about an individual’s...
By Aprimo
Aprimo Campaign provides Enterprise Campaign Management capabilities from the cloud that allow modern marketers to easily perform deep segmentation on data where it rests (on-premise, hosted, cloud) across multiple sources. These selected and targete...
Digital Audience Builder enables B2B marketers, agencies, and partners to create custom audience segments using Bombora's database of B2B demographic and intent data segments, or by using their pre-existing account list to reach target audiences acro...
  Compare is an AI-powered audience marketing platform. Use it to build an audience, gain valuable insights, and target them directly.
Audiense Connect helps brands develop their target audience to increase share of market and raise brand awareness. Audiense's platform takes an audience-centric approach to identifying the right influencers to target, crafting the best acquisition st...
The e-X Advertising Intelligence Platform is a contextualization engine that works at the page-level to understand the interests and intent associated with a visit to any page on the network.
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