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Seattle, Washington, United States
Company Overview
Amperity provides the Intelligent Customer Data Platform, empowering global consumer brands to create unique and personalized experiences by unlocking all their customer data.
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Products and Services


Amp360 provides a 360 degree view of the customer, giving you access to complete customer profiles. Amp360 makes comprehensive profiles available in real-time no matter who needs them and serves as a single source of information that everyone in the company can rely on.
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Amperity Profile Accelerator for Adobe

Amperity Profile Accelerator is a pre-configured package that seamlessly connects to Adobe tools, resolving identities with our patented AI-driven approach and delivering a database of unified customer profiles designed to work in Adobe environments. This solution helps brands achieve record results by building marketing cloud activations from a more complete and easier-to-use dataset.
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AmpID is an AI-powered customer identity resolution and management solution. AmpID consistently resolves identities spanning every system and interaction, so the customer experiences you build drive the results you want. New to AmpID is Anonymous Engage, an anonymous data identity solution designed to help brands grow their marketable base of customers by over 2X.
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AmpIQ is a hub for customer intelligence and activation. AmpIQ offers fresh insights on every customer, smart segmentation, and seamless campaign integration, all in an intuitive point-and-click interface. This makes it easy to connect to the right segments then test and optimize to grow loyalty and lifetime value.
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Intelligent Customer Data Platform

Amperity's Intelligent Customer Data Platform uses machine learning and massive computing power to stitch together together all of a brand's disparate data sources, forms complete customer profiles, and makes those profiles available to marketers and analysts. This complete, actionable data can be used to power customer 360 initiatives, acquisition and retention marketing programs, and advanced customer analytics. Amperity 4.0 includes a number of critical innovations purpose-built to meet the needs of customers and help consumer brands address the need for personalization at scale, privacy-ready cloud data management, and the death of third-party cookies.
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