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Chicago, Illinois, United States
Company Overview
Chicago-based Aprimo has been developing comprehensive B2B and B2C marketing automation and operations solutions for nearly 20 years. Aprimo frees marketers to focus on smart marketing by streamlining and simplifying how they manage the five marketing essentials: planning, spending, creation, distribution and performance. Aprimo's comprehensive suite seamlessly connects the marketing ecosystem, improves time-to-market and maximizes a company's marketing investment.
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Products and Services

AI Content Coach

AI Content Coach is an interactive assistant that can be automatically trained on your own text content in the Aprimo DAM, leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology. This provides users with a text ideation and creation coach that is always in line with your brand voice.
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Aprimo Campaign

Aprimo Campaign provides Enterprise Campaign Management capabilities from the cloud that allow modern marketers to easily perform deep segmentation on data where it rests (on-premise, hosted, cloud) across multiple sources. These selected and targeted customers and prospects can then be assigned to offers, and connect with email, direct mail, advertising, and other execution channels in the cloud.
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Aprimo Idea Lab

Aprimo Idea Lab is a tool to digitize the process of brainstorming for a team. Aprimo Idea Lab is the only ideation solution on the market that connects into the best-of-breed Aprimo platform, which includes workflow management and digital asset management solutions that help content marketers integrate processes and move more seamlessly through the end-to-end content lifecycle.
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Digital Asset Management

Aprimo Digital Asset Management helps enterprises deliver engaging customer experiences faster. Digital asset librarians, marketers, brand managers and creatives can manage images, videos, documents and other assets across different stages of content lifecycles. Improve asset reuse and global brand consistency, and publish new marketing materials and campaigns more quickly. Updated in 2017 to be operated completely in the cloud. SaaS-based operations will give marketers an advantage, including increased innovation, faster implementation, scalability to match business growth and a significantly lower total cost of ownership.
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Distributed Marketing

Distributed Marketing is a channel & partner marketing platform that enables your distributed partners to market with the same level of expertise as if you were doing it yourself. You can extend your reach, deliver a consistent brand experience across touch points, and generate leads. You’ll also have control and visibility to your distributed marketing efforts, allowing you to make smarter business decisions and maximize your return on investment.
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Plan & Spend

Aprimo Plan & Spend is a marketing resource allocation solution that helps you organize your marketing spend, analyze key performance indicators (KPIs), and manage your resources. Part of the powerful, agile Aprimo marketing operations platform, Plan & Spend allows you to align marketing strategies with activities, visually configure budgets, and adjust both as needed to ensure success.
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Productivity Management

Aprimo Productivity Management is a platform for managing marketing productivity. The platform offers automatically updates agile boards, calendars, timelines, and other tools to help your organization prioritize tasks and better collaborate on campaigns and content to enable marketing and customer experience agility. Includes Aprimo AI-powered workflows with automated task routing, reviews and approvals, and self-populating agile boards that speeds up delivery, consistency, and impact measurement of customer experiences driven by content.
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