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Templates and scheduling tools tailored to the needs of marketing departments range from simple software apps to platforms integrating goals, budgets and personnel management. 

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By Code
adZU is a marketing innovation system that provides personalized experiences in all channels and a single view of all marketing data – spend, media, performance, engagement. adZU is organised into a series of studios, each of which contains a number ...
By Annum
Annum's integrated marketing calendar was purpose built to guide the strategic planning process. It puts the focus on the customer experience by showing all in-market initiatives and tactics across all marketing channels in one holistic calendar view...
BrandSystems Marcom Manager is a marketing resource management platform BrandSystems enables marketers who wish to plan, budget, collaborate, generate reports and media files, manage work flows and proofs. BrandSystems Marcom Manager is configured t...
Copilot is a personalized marketing plan creation tool that gives you a personalized, easy-to-follow marketing plan so you always know what to post, how to grow, and what to focus on next.
Gensym G2 applies real-time rule technology for decisions that optimize operations and that detect, diagnose, and resolve costly problems. With G2, the world’s largest organizations in manufacturing, utilities, communications, transportation, aerospa...
GERU is a cloud-based funnel mapping, planning, strategy & simulation tool. It is a digital marketing simulator that takes the guesswork out of planning profit-optimized funnels & helps avoid costly marketing mistakes.
By Hive9
Hive9 Marketing Planning is a platform for marketing planning that enables marketers seeking to quickly build plans so teams can collaborate. With Hive9 Marketing Planning, you can set performance goals, predictively model your data, and easily stack...
  Compare is an online marketing and PR software service for the HR industry. The solution offers proprietary databases of marketing and PR opportunities, combined with press release distribution, campaign management, social networking and SEO ...
Husky Marketing Planner is a marketing planning platform to manage projects, tasks, communication, budget and results. Husky is user-friendly software to centralize all of data for marketing planning, allowing teams to build plans with links, images,...
HyperPlan is a marketing scheduling platform for marketers seeking visual planning, scheduling, and tracking software. The solution is suitable for a wide range of planning, scheduling and tracking applications, including: event planning, agile plann...
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