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A franchise is a licensing agreement between a corporation or brand (the franchisor) and a person or company (the franchisee) who contracts to operate one or more regional, national or global branded store locations, where every location operates according to the same business format. Tools in this category provide franchisees with dashboard-enabled central resources for, and access to, the latest company branding and marketing collateral, in-store supplies and promotional items, signage, product, promotions, merchandise, worker uniforms, displays and furnishings.

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By Beyond
Beyond Restaurant Management (formerly PeachWorks) is a suite of restaurant management software. The powerful, yet intuitive platform will help you gain visibility into your business’ data and simplify your back-office operations. It includes solutio...
ChainSync is a complete franchise management platform for the service-based franchise leader. With built-in tools that manage everything from recruting and training new franchisees to field audits and royalty payment processing, ChainSync helps maxim...
Chatmeter is a full-featured reputation management platform for networked brands and national franchises with a special emphasis on local SEO analytics and customer reviews. Chatmeter tracks the chatter across the social web, analyzes customer sentim...
By Aprimo
Distributed Marketing is a channel & partner marketing platform that enables your distributed partners to market with the same level of expertise as if you were doing it yourself. You can extend your reach, deliver a consistent brand experience acros...
Naranga is a suite of advanced software solutions purpose-built for franchise business brands. Featuring an end-to-end dashboard of tools for everything from franchisee employee training to digital signage and marketing campaign management, Naranga i...
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