Through-Channel Marketing Automation

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Through-Channel Marketing Automation​ is a business system, comprising integrated goals, processes, and metrics, used by enterprise markets to enable and scale local marketing program execution and customer engagement, through channel partners (stores, agents, dealers, franchisees, distributors, and resellers) with governance to protect brand integrity. Source: Forrester

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Balihoo is a marketing platform built on a data engine that takes various forms of data to create a unique marketing strategy for each brand. The platform builds a marketing campaign by using local customer data from various sources, builds a marketi...
Brandscopic is a cloud-based software that both manages and measures experiential marketing programs. Users can schedule events, monitor campaign progress in real-time, capture critical event data, and create easy-to-read, visually appealing reports....
By Knexus
Knexus is a content management tool that uses an AI decision making engine matching customer data with social & marketing content, so customers are delivered the right content when making a decision to buy.
Optimail is a cross-platform marketing automation solution powered by artificial intelligence. Optimail makes it easy to build the perfect marketing campaigns - simply create messages, define goals, and Optimail learns when and what to message custom...
By Wedia
Because today the visuals (photos, videos, 3D, 360°...) participate, better than any textual argument, in the promotion of their brands and products, our customers are faced with multiple issues: *an ever-growing number of diverse assets that must ...
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