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Karlsruhe, Germany
Company Overview
BrandMaker specializes in Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solutions. Established in 1999, the company develops and markets sophisticated software solutions for the marketing communication of medium-sized and larger organizations.
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Products and Services

Digital Marketing Center

The Digital Marketing Center (DMC) closes the gap between classic and digital marketing: In the Digital Marketing Center you can centrally plan digital campaigns and play them out in the respective channels. The success of any online campaign can be immediately determined by the clear presentation of the results.
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BrandMaker Fusion allows you to connect their MRM platform with the rest of your marketing technologies. Say goodbye to isolated operations within individual tools and create real added value for your marketing. The net result is one connected MRM software platform that increases data accuracy, reduces administrative burden and boosts productivity.
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Job Manager

Job Manager is one central platform for workflow management. The Job Manager is the core module for your project and workflow management. With it, marketing projects, budget releases and purchase orders can be managed and processed transparently. The seamless integration with other modules turns the Job Manager into a control center for all marketing projects.
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Marketing PIM

Marketing PIM is a central platform for product information management. Use BrandMaker Marketing PIM to manage your product information in media neutral format for optimal reuse in all output channels. With this solution, you have full control over your localized marketing materials. All product data can be combined with the corresponding advertising material and digital assets as it is centrally available.
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Marketing Planner

Marketing Planner is a central platform for marketing management. With the Marketing Planner all marketing activities can be optimally planned and coordinated. It is the starting point for the planning , budgeting and the operative implementation of all your marketing measures – across all conventional and digital channels.
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Marketing Portal

The Marketing Portal forms the central platform for all brand information and is the basis for brand-compliant communication. The portal is as a starting point for accessing, adapting and ordering the corresponding media as well as a source of knowledge and inspiration for employees, partners, agencies and all other parties involved.
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Marketing Shop

Marketing Shop is a tool that makes marketing materials quickly and easily available to your partners. Your employees, other branches or channel partners can order and download all marketing materials via the BrandMaker Marketing Shop. Set new standards for fast and convenient self-service. Create, print, and distribute marketing materials on demand and deliver the exact quantities you need.
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Media Pool

The Media Pool is a robust Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that gives you total flexibility in managing your digital assets. Benefit from fast access to all digital and multimedia content such as images, brochures, audio and video files.
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Reporting Center

Reporting Center is a pivotal tool for reporting, analytics and success measurement. The Reporting Center consolidates key figures from Brand Maker modules as well as external sources and displays the whole data set comprehensively in customer specific dashboards.
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Review Manager

Review Manager is a professional review and approval management tool. The Review Manager is the central collaborative coordination tool for production workflows. With its support you can organize the approval of marketing materials and documents seamlessly. Interfaces enable you to start reviews directly from the modules Job Manager, Media Pool or Web-to-Publish.
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Sales Enablement Workbench

Sales Enablement Workbench is an asset sharing solution. Enable your sales team with our powerful tool to distribute and use digitals assets as needed. With the BrandMaker Sales Enablement Workbench (SEW) your sales reps can easily share documents with your company’s followers via traceable links and create detailed content interaction statistics that go far beyond click-through rates.
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Web-to-Publish is the module for dynamic content creation of print and digital media. It allows your employees and partners to adapt existing marketing materials quickly and easily on their own: Marketing materials are adapted locally – from minimal changes to maximum redesign – without the use of complex and cost-intensive graphics programs. This enables you to comfortably keep the overview.
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