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Operations Management Hubs enable marketing departments to operate more efficiently and demonstrate greater accountability by optimizing marketing operations. Tools include planning and financial management, marketing reporting, and marketing analytics, including operational data from web, mobile, and social channels.

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By Acquia
Acquia Marketing Cloud is a unified marketing cloud built on a foundation of unified customer intelligence. Boost business agility and maximize the value of your marketing by breaking down data silos. With one seamless UI across data, analytics, pers...
By Code
adZU is a marketing innovation system that provides personalized experiences in all channels and a single view of all marketing data – spend, media, performance, engagement. adZU is organised into a series of studios, each of which contains a number ...
GearBox is the ultimate marketing logistics and P2P (procure-to-pay) platform. It manages your assets, complements your CRM efforts and brings all your marketing resources into a single interface. With convenient, single-sign-on access, there’s no ne...
By Ivanti
Ivanti Enterprise Service Management is a platform combining integrated IT Service and Asset Management into one platform. Ivanti enables account for both hardware and software in one place, track licenses and compliance issues, and report out on eve...
By socoto
Socoto offers web-based, modular marketing software for the sustainable optimization of marketing processes for efficient and effective business operations.
Uptempo is a marketing operations suite that helps users transform how they run, manage, and measure marketing. Uptempo is the combination of BrandMaker, Allocadia, and Hive9—driven by a bold vision to help marketers lead with confidence and love the...
Welcome is a marketing operations platform that enables teams to automate tasks for a a brand. Tools within welcome support marketing planning with marketing calendars and metrics across every customer touchpoint. Welcome has a built-in asset managem...
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