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Lenexa, Kansas, United States
Company Overview
IRIS is a leading supplier of local marketing automation, integrated co-op fund management solutions and management of both physical and digital marketing assets. IRIS provides a powerful suite of marketing tools designed to help companies gain insights and improve their overall marketing performance.
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Products and Services


Converge is a unique approach to the ad-builder and menu design marketplace. Converge combines a question-and-answer format with a database-driven approach – giving you a ton of flexibility and a super intuitive interface for your users. Converge can support integrated image libraries, user-generated asset uploads, variable layouts, user- or regional-based customization options and more. You can establish your approved branding standards and still let users customize content to their local needs. And you can include all types of media – just about anything you can dream up – from postcards and flyers to complex, multi-page brochures and ads that can re-size on the fly. Converge also allows users to manage integrated local list generation and send email blasts. It creates a one-stop shop for all aspects of your local marketing initiatives.
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Formulate is the GearBox solution for online, interactive forms. You can set it up with specific parameters based on user profiles. Create online registration forms, signup documents, reimbursement forms, money management, custom sample requests, training solutions and more.
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GearBox is the ultimate marketing logistics and P2P (procure-to-pay) platform. It manages your assets, complements your CRM efforts and brings all your marketing resources into a single interface. With convenient, single-sign-on access, there’s no need to manage multiple passwords and databases. We deliver everything you need to drive your marketing through a seamless portal.
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OnDeck is the GearBox tool that helps you manage your internal projects. Like the other modules, it’s completely customizable for large campaign rollouts, menus, product management and overall organization. OnDeck helps you build interactive forms and customizable fields based on user roles, approvals and notification needs. Imagine OnDeck as a customizable Google document on steroids, with automated notifications and complete visibility for activities and status. You can use it to push content to the appropriate users and pull reports on every aspect of the fields and people responsible for them.
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