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Data Integration tools include any software that can collect raw data from a variety of different databases, spreadsheets, systems and other repositories and consolidate it into a single data set for further analysis. Data Integration tools connect to tools like data lakes and CRMs.

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By Acquia
Acquia Lift collects and centralizes data from a variety of existing marketing technologies and channels, including websites, email marketing platforms, marketing automation tools, social platforms, mobile apps, call center transactions, and third-pa...
By Nimaya
ActionBridge is a data integration tool that securely joins data from beyond the firewall (cloud-or SaaS-based), with on-premise applications, functions and data. This is commonly known as a mashup. The result is a single interactive interface displ...
Adapta is a data integration tool that transforms inconsistent data sources into a cohesive set of information that can be leveraged for analysis. The platform includes both generic and custom source-specific data processing tools that facilitate the...
Adeptia Integration Suite is an enterprise-class software application designed to incorporate all integration disciplines within a single, collaborative, web-based application.
For top quality custom reports, agencies and brands can save hundreds of hours a month in data analysis and report design by using Adivore® Comms. Comms is an easy-to-use, WordPress® plug-in that allows you to generate top-quality automated report...
AFS offers a comprehensive integration approach designed to create synergies between multiple application types and data sources. Best of breed integration enables purpose-built applications designed specifically for your environment to operate seaml...
By Altair
Altair SmartEdge makes edge communication, device provisioning, and data qualification fast and easy. It is the intersection between the edge devices and the cloud, aggregating and normalizing data streams from varied protocols and securely communica...
By Impact
Altitude tracks, cleanses, and normalizes your chaotic, channel-specific data into a single coherent system of record. Everything from your marketing KPIs to deep insights are consistently measured and effortlessly derived from a trustworthy cross-de...
By Ducen
Combining Data Science, Business Intelligence, and Data Management Capabilities in One Integrated, Self-Serve Platform. Analance is an end-to-end platform that combines Data Science, Business Intelligence, and Data Management into one integrated s...
By Tatvic
Anomaly Detection is a virtual data analysis tool that uses algorithms to flag uncommon variations in all your metrics. No need to set thresholds because the algorithms automatically determine accurate thresholds based on past data.
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