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Redwood City, California, United States
Company Overview
Alation, the data catalog company, is building a data-fluent world by changing the way people find, understand, trust, use, and reuse data. The first to bring a data catalog to market, Alation combines machine learning and human collaboration to bring confidence to data-driven decisions.
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Products and Services


Alation is a collaborative data catalog for the enterprise. The solution improves the productivity of analysts, the accuracy of analytics, and empowers better business decisions for all. Alation is a complete repository for all the data assets & data knowledge in your organization. It samples data & monitors usage to ensure that users have accurate insight into data accuracy, and provides deep insight into how users are creating & sharing knowledge from raw data.
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Alation Cloud Service for Snowflake

Alation Cloud Service for Snowflake is designed for departments and organizations of all sizes to start cataloging data on Snowflake’s platform. Departments and organizations of all sizes can deploy Alation with ease. Alation Cloud Service for Snowflake identifies your most valued data, delivers active data governance, and ensures people are using data properly.
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Alation Connected Sheets

Alation Connected Sheets enables business users to pull trusted, governed, and up-to-date data from data sources into spreadsheets, including Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, via Alation Data Catalog. Alation Connected Sheets increases business user productivity by enabling them to find, filter, import, and refresh data without having to learn a new tool or querying language.
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Alation Data Governance App

The Alation Data Governance App delivers autonomous governance at scale and simplifies how organizations enable secure access to the best data in today’s hybrid & multi-cloud environments. The app includes a policy management center to create policies in one location and get complete visibility into how policies are mapped to data, a stewardship workbench that uses AI/ML to automate the discovery of candidate data stewards based on who is actually using data, the ability to create and configure governance workflows – all without coding or invoking other applications, and the ability to actively measure progress on open tasks, policy usage, and more all from the governance dashboard.
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