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Apache Software Foundation

Forest Hills, Maryland, United States
Company Overview
The mission of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is to provide software for the public good. Through a collaborative and meritocratic development process known as The Apache Way, Apache projects deliver enterprise-grade, freely available software products that attract large communities of users. In 2002, ASF launched The Apache Incubator, an entry path for projects and codebases for Apache-powered open-source projects intended to become official Apache Software Foundation projects.
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Products and Services

Apache Hadoop

The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. It is designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines, each offering local computation and storage. Rather than rely on hardware to deliver high-availability, the library itself is designed to detect and handle failures at the application layer, so delivering a highly-available service on top of a cluster of computers, each of which may be prone to failures.
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Apache SINGA

Apache SINGA is an open source deep learning library that provides a flexible architecture for scalable distributed training. The extensible platform supports machine learning models, and can run over a wide range of hardware. SINGA is released under Apache License Version 2.0.
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Apache Solr

Solr is a standalone enterprise search server with a REST-like API. You put documents in it (called "indexing") via JSON, XML, CSV or binary over HTTP. You query it via HTTP GET and receive JSON, XML, CSV or binary results.
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Apache Zeppelin

Apache Zeppelin is a web-based notebook that enables data-driven, interactive data analytics and collaborative documents with SQL, Scala and more.
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Apache OpenOffice is an open source desktop suite that features six business productivity applications: a word processor with web-authoring component, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, drawing, equation editor, and database.
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