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Chicago, Illinois, United States
Company Overview
Brandmuscle is a software company that specializes in local-area marketing solutions. Brandmuscle's product line enables brands to own the local decision point by empowering their network of local distributors, dealers, franchisees and salespeople with everything they need to deliver brand-approved marketing tactics customized to local needs, tastes and other relevant differences that can affect the sale.
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Products and Services


BrandBuilder is a local marketing automation platform and ad builder solution. Campaign automation tools enable local affiliates to opt-into brand-approved marketing campaigns that will run automatically for them. The platform helps promote consistent user experience for managing, executing and tracking local marketing campaigns.
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DesignTracker is a local marketing automation solution that allows marketers to efficiently manage local marketing and in-house graphics activity. The application automates the entire business workflow, including request order submission, approvals, design, production and fulfillment of marketing materials and in-store/POP with complete transparency.
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DisplayTracker is a web-based solution that allows users to create customized point of sale marketing materials and displays for use at the retail level. The application uses Variable Data Print technology to add personal messages and account names to POS material.
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