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Chicago, Illinois, United States
Company Overview
Brandmuscle is a software company that specializes in local-area marketing solutions. Brandmuscle's product line enables brands to own the local decision point by empowering their network of local distributors, dealers, franchisees and salespeople with everything they need to deliver brand-approved marketing tactics customized to local needs, tastes and other relevant differences that can affect the sale.
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Products and Services

BrandMuscle Integrated Local Marketing Platform

The BrandMuscle Integrated Local Marketing Platform simplifies the task for marketers and their local partners, offering brands the versatility they need to scale, and delivering the power needed to achieve impact. It enables brands and their local marketing partners to deliver the greatest marketing impact to each individual customer, from the corporate brand to each local business partner. It simplifies the process of digital and physical executions, enabling brands to build loyalty, enhance lifetime customer value, ensure consistent brand messaging, and maximize ROI through local marketing channels. With the Smart Marketing Planner solution, marketers can set up and deploy brand-compliant local marketing plans that are tailored to individual partner needs. It helps brands amplify their message across local markets and drive more revenue. Campaign recommendations are analytics-driven and tailored to the specific partner profile, so that channel managers feel as if their marketing program is on autopilot.
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