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An Affiliate Platform enables Affiliate Networks, brands and publishers to efficiently manage their transactional relationship in one platform.

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By Amitad
Amitad Affiliate Marketplace is an aggregator of affiliate programs from multiple networks. The platform provides advertisers of the connected CPA networks with access to the traffic of Admitad publishers worldwide, taking care of the publisher engag...
Affilae is an affiliate platform that empowers advertisers, agencies, networks, and media buyers to create their own dedicated, hosted, secure and affordable affiliate network that is easy to use, adaptable and scalable.
Magento 2 Affiliate extension is one of the most effective marketing solutions for online stores. Affiliate programs help boost sales, increase traffic, bring back quality leads and better SEO rankings. Unlimited campaigns generated with smart referr...
By Affise
Affise is a performance marketing software for creating your own Affiliate Network. It supports Advertisers, Agencies, and Networks with a customizable solution to manage, analyse and optimise their direct publisher relationships.
HOQU is a premier performance marketing ecosystem. Networks, affiliates, and merchants can join the HOQU ecosystem and get access to all of their partners for a single unified account. Top notch marketing tools are included.
Pareba is affiliate software with solutions for administration, statistics, advertising material and billing.
Pereba is an affiliate management platform enabling marketers administer programs while leveraging statistics, distributing advertising material and billing appropriately.
Post Affiliate Pro offers affiliate software, helping users run their entire affiliate program from top to bottom. The software makes it easy to manage campaigns and to track affiliate referrals and sales.
By Voluum
VoluumTRK is a performance marketing tracking and analytics SaaS tool. Built using real Performance Marketing insights, it provides tailored campaign management for both web and mobile campaigns. Performance Marketers can now track every detail of th...
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