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Affiliate & Network Marketing describes the three-way performance-based transaction between a brand, a publisher and the consumer. Put simply, a brand (the merchant) pays a publisher (the affiliate) an agreed-upon fee in exchange for the affiliate connecting the brand in some way with new customers. An industry standard set of cost models guides the transactional relationship between the merchant and the affiliate, but generally the affiliate gets paid based upon some action taken by the consumer, such as a click-through or a sale -- called a "conversion," which the tools in this category track and report.

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Affilae is an affiliate platform that empowers advertisers, agencies, networks, and media buyers to create their own dedicated, hosted, secure and affordable affiliate network that is easy to use, adaptable and scalable.
Magento 2 Affiliate extension is one of the most effective marketing solutions for online stores. Affiliate programs help boost sales, increase traffic, bring back quality leads and better SEO rankings. Unlimited campaigns generated with smart referr...
Affiliate Wiz is an affiliate tracking software and affiliate marketing software for managing an affiliate marketing program. AdComplete's Affiliate marketing software is written specifically for the 4.0 platform. The user provides affili...
AffiliateWire is a global affiliate network that helps software and subscription companies sell online. AffiliateWire is RevenueWire's affiliate network.
By Affise
Affise is a performance marketing software for creating your own Affiliate Network. It supports Advertisers, Agencies, and Networks with a customizable solution to manage, analyse and optimise their direct publisher relationships.
  Compare is a global eCommerce marketplace for wholesale manufacturers and distributors. Based in China, it's the world's largest online commerce site. Its parent company, Alibaba Group, is on a mission to create the world’s biggest CPA program. A...
AvantLink is a global, country-specific affiliate marketing platform for premium merchants and publishers. AvantLink features affiliate marketing, multi-channel analytics, and referral tracking.
By Awin
Awin is a global affiliate network empowering advertisers and publishers of all sizes to grow their businesses online.
BCATracker (Bigcommerce Affiliate Tracker) is a hosted Affiliate Marketing Program for Bigcommerce online stores. BCATracker tracks and monitors affiliate sales, reduces the risk of fraudulent affiliate sales, and makes it easier for merchants and af...
By Binom
Binom is an effective self-hosted affiliate tracker that has been designed to help manage affiliate marketing paths like clicks, campaigns, costs, sales, report building, traffic distribution and more, all in one place. The undisputed leader in click...
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