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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Company Overview
Alida, formerly Vision Critical, provides a cloud-based customer intelligence platform with tools for customer experience that allows companies to build engaged, secure communities of customers they can use continuously, across the enterprise, for ongoing, real-time feedback and insight.
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Products and Services

Alida Conversational Surveys

Alida's Conversational Surveys delivered via SMS, help users unlock new insights from different segments and demographics of your customer base to account for unheard voices and uncover new opportunities.
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Alida Insight Community

Alida Insight Community, formerly known as Sparq, offers customers the best source of continuously updated insights about customer preferences, priorities, and buying behaviors. Alida Insight Community uses a relationship-based approach to progressively profile and segment customers at every interaction, producing rich customer insights to help organizations make decisions with their customers.
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Alida Surveys

Alida Survey is a simple online survey tool enabling organizations to choose from 25+ survey question types that offer an engaging respondent experience on desktop and mobile. Choose from visual, dynamic question types (Highlighter, Image Upload, Embedded Content) as well as advanced multiple-choice and logic-based research questions.
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Alida Touchpoint

Alida Touchpoint offers a mobile-first application designed to quickly and visually engage customers with questions relevant to their experiences. With Alida Touchpoint, brands easily connect with their customers and potential customers to collect feedback or other preference data, drive calls-to-action, and engage through their customers’ preferred social and digital channels. Designed for lightweight and intuitive administration, AlidaTouchpoint makes it easy for users to create fun, compelling activities that leverage existing skills and marketing and design assets, enabling the application to easily fit within the existing technology stack.
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