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Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Company Overview
Acxiom has been helping businesses make smarter marketing decisions for more than forty years. With a focus on deep consumer behavior analytics, Acxiom is a leader in harnessing the powerful potential of data to strengthen connections between people, businesses and their partners. Acxiom is a Zeta Global company.
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Products and Services

AbiliTec Customer Recognition

AbiliTec performs identity resolution — the ability to match customer or prospect data collected over time, across channels and devices, to an accurate identifier of an individual. AbiliTec fuels people-based marketing by delivering the insight to recognize and connect to a single view of your customer and build long-lasting relationships across the customer lifecycle that earn trust in today’s omnichannel world.
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Acxiom AbiliTec

Acxiom AbiliTec is an identity resolution technology. AbiliTec helps better resolve variations of customer identity over time by unifying online and offline data from disparate sources. AbiliTec linking technology helps hurdle the traditional matching roadblocks by overcoming conventional issues of name and address processing. It helps consistently recognize and link individuals across multiple addresses and multiple name representations available in the marketplace. It also provides the ability to link a consumer across multiple data stores.
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Acxiom Audience Cloud

Acxiom Audience Cloud is a first-of-its-kind cross-channel management tool designed to help make 1:1 consumer connections across channels and platforms. The easy-to-use self-service solution allows business leaders and marketers to select the right data, expertly segment it, and quickly distribute audiences across the Acxiom digital partner ecosystem of top publishers, social platforms and programmatic platforms. Audience Cloud delivers access to Acxiom’s vast demographic and predictive data.
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Zeta Impact

The Zeta Impact cross—channel marketing platform is used by enterprise marketing teams—including the Zeta services teams who support them—to deliver targeted, high-quality marketing that consistently engages customers across channels for improved business results. Formerly Acxiom Impact, Acxiom‘s marketing automation solution for enterprise marketers, Zeta Impact allows you to combine any amount or type of data from any source into actionable, 360-degree views of each customer for greater customer insight.
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