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When developing a target audience, Buyer Persona tools allow marketing departments to create the personification of their ideal customer — accounting for demographics, buying history, behavior patterns, etc. Tools in this group range from custom quizzes to share with customers to data crunchers that produce a concept of the ideal customer.


"A persona is a model of your ideal buyer, user, or customer, based on market research and third-party insights. Personas help you understand your customers from inquiry to advocacy - their preferences, behaviors, buying habits, challenges, motivations and other important details spanning the entire customer lifecycle."                                    
Katie Martell, co-founder and CMO of Cintell.

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By Appier
Appier is a customer identity tool with CrossX AI, providing information on device ownership while building audience profiles that include attributes such as browsing habits, interests and behavior. Appier offers cross-screen analytics and marketing ...
DealSignal helps B2B demand gen professionals develop fine-grained personas then uses those ideal customer profiles to discover, enrich, and deliver leads that convert at higher rates. You can use DealSignal to update your CRM or marketing automation...
The Unifi Data Platform provides a wide range of data products to enhance your understanding of your customer, their behavior, and their purchasing intent.
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