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Clearwater, Florida, United States
Company Overview
180 by Two provides a complete picture of your customers. Not just where they work – Not just where they live – But a true 360-degree view of who they are at the most granular level. We’ve created the most extensive profile of people with the best data available, from ethically sources, providing accurate, up-to-date, insights.
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Products and Services


AccountLink is our ABM solution where we can help you build an ABM audience with a target company list/key account list. Our ABM solution uses AI technology to analyze 180 days of location traffic to a corporate headquarters.
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DaaS Professional Services (Data-as-a-Service)

Activation or otherwise known as onboarding is the key to effectively moving leads down a funnel and drive quality engagement. When starting any marketing strategy you always start with first party data; Leads, CRM, Lists, etc. By activating your data across multiple channels 180byTwo will connect or bridge your overall marketing strategy to help drive revenue and shorten your sale cycle.
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eCHO Truth-in-B2B-Intent is a customer analytics tool that searches CRM data for intent signals to create predictive insights. With eCHO, you’ll be able to uncover which accounts need further engagement. From top of the funnel digital advertising campaigns, to relevant email nurturing, and to outbound engagement from sales team with personalized messaging.
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LOCi by 180byTwo is a customer data matching tool serving high-quality, location-based data enhanced with more than 200 million unique users across social media, mobile apps and the web. LOCi enables marketers to target customers and prospects based on brand affinity, demographics, and places most visited. Quantifying the impact of awareness, engagement, or conversion ad campaigns couldn’t be easier with LOCi.
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Marketing Services

Marketing Services is the combination of services and technology. 180byTwo helps clients build out a plan and then execute. At your discretion, you can deploy emails with your email system or use ours then you can activate your data digitally online or on social inventory. Our seasoned multichannel B2B experts will help you execute your marketing strategy with a data first approach.
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SaaS Professional Services

180byTwo Software-as-a-Service (DaaS) With 180byTwo’s Unify platform you can now build and manage activate accounts or contacts in a centralized location and activate them across platforms and channels to help drive performance throughout the funnel. With 180byTwo Unify SaaS solution will help you enhance your own 1st party data or offer incremental data to expand your addressable market
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The Unifi Data Platform provides a wide range of data products to enhance your understanding of your customer, their behavior, and their purchasing intent.
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Xplorer is our exclusively originated offline deterministic B2B Firmographic and Technographic business file. We have contact level data on employees at over 33 Million businesses and 95 million professionals.
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