Cross-Channel Identity Resolution

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Agencies performing Cross-Channel Identity Resolution for marketers identify customers in more than one view, across channels and devices. This practice is supported by automation, which can allow for maintenance of real-time databases across brands and geographies. 

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By Aqfer
Aqfer Data Lake includes managed services for data integration, data distribution, data analytics, and predictive analytics.
Blue Moon's Audience Management services can associate cross-device behaviors to a single user, find offline individuals such as store buyers and direct mail recipients, improve audience match rates, measure omnichannel impact, and strengthen the imp...
CRM is focused on the customer journey and should be answering the questions of how, when and why your customer is interacting with your brand. Blue Moon answers these questions through data. There are several purposes to customer relationship manage...
Whether you have an existing database that needs refreshing or you want to find new lists of customers to go after, StrategicDB can help with their Data Acquisition Services. They work with reputable data sources to get you the cleanest, most recent ...
Quividi offers a range of services to supplement its range of products, including Custom Campaign Development, A/B Testing, Campaign Audience Reports, and Benchmarking.
By Xeerpa
Social Network Profiling allows brands to explore the social universe of each of their customers, followers and prospects, by analysing the information they share across popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, G...
Wunderman Thompson is a global digital agency that is 'Creatively Driven. Data Inspired.'​ In a world where clients struggle to derive value from the volumes of data they collect, our 7,000 data scientists, creatives and executives in 60 countries id...
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