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Blue Moon Digital

Denver, Colorado, United States
Agency Overview
Blue Moon Digital is a digital marketing agency for ecommerce with deep expertise in fashion, apparel, and retail.
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Products and Services

Affiliate Marketing

Blue Moon actively engages with publishers that resonate with your brand and your target audience, placing you where they are shopping. Evaluating each relationship, they proactively find the best publishers for your brand. Affiliates play a significant role in the digital marketing mix and a successful affiliate program is created with intentional strategy and action. Using a holistic program approach coupled with a high degree of respect for brand integrity, Blue Moon able to amplify reach and return.
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Amazon Marketplace Management

Together, with brands, Blue Moon figures out the best opportunities for your brand on Amazon and how it plays best with your overall digital marketing strategy. From program setup to listing management and review solicitation, Blue Moon helps your Amazon marketplace strategy succeed.
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Blue Moon's team of analysts are constantly monitoring traffic, conversion rates, bounce rates, and a host of other metrics. Through their customizable data visualizations, we interpret the data based on consumer touch points, behavior, and show a holistic view of the shoppers’ journey.
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Audience Management

Blue Moon's Audience Management services can associate cross-device behaviors to a single user, find offline individuals such as store buyers and direct mail recipients, improve audience match rates, measure omnichannel impact, and strengthen the impact of your digital channels managed by Blue Moon Digital.
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Content Marketing

Blue Moon's content marketing strategy gives your brand the narrative that fuels your owned, earned, and paid marketing objectives and delivers ongoing valuable information to shoppers.
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CRM is focused on the customer journey and should be answering the questions of how, when and why your customer is interacting with your brand. Blue Moon answers these questions through data. There are several purposes to customer relationship management: improvement in product positioning, enriched ability to target and acquire new customers, and an increase in customer value. These three purposes lead not only to greater revenue, but also strengthen brand loyalty. With Blue Moon's data-driven approach, you’ll discover the individual behind the metrics and interact with them on a more compelling and meaningful level.
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Display Advertising

Blue Moon develops strategies and executes media plans that are rooted in hands on experience, and direct relationships with providers they know and trust. Display advertising dynamic integration within your overall marketing mix is vital along with real-time optimization.
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Email Marketing

Blue Moon's direct targeting approach to email marketing contacts the customer at the right moment, on the right device, with the right content. Their experience allows them to effectively test brand emails to maximize your customer list. They work with multiple platforms leveraging advanced automation, dynamic content & responsive design, then segment accordingly.
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Influencer Marketing

Blue Moon connects brands with influencers who have an engaged audience that resembles the brand's target audience.
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Local SEO

Blue Moon's team of local SEO professionals can help you manage and improve your local search footprint. Their team utilizes state of the art local search technologies such as Moz and Yext to help you gather and maintain all your local citations and information.
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Paid Social

Blue Moon helps you understand your paid social options and plan your strategy accordingly. Not only is paid social a super effective way to build targeted campaigns, but many algorithms within social platforms tend to favor paid.
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Blue Moon sets up your Pay Per Click campaigns, then continuously analyzes performance and optimizes to make sure that they are effective and relevant.
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Blue Moon Digital focuses on the intent of each search query and optimize the page for users not machines. Their team builds proactive, strategic plans to create a solid foundation that will grow with your company as new opportunities arise.
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