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StrategicDB Corporation

King City, Ontario, Canada
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StrategicDB Corporation focuses on data cleaning and analytics for marketing and sales.
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Products and Services

Competitive Intelligence Services

StrategicDB provides a detailed competitive analysis, which includes a detailed look at your competition’s social media initiatives and competitor’s content strategy. They can also help with market research, trend analysis, market size potential analysis and provide industry benchmarking.
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Content Analysis Services

StrategicDB's Content Analysis Services analyze content that is being produced by content marketers to establish ROI. Conducting content data analysis on blog posts, social media posts and videos that are produced can establish what drives traffic, what type of content has an impact on revenue and help establish a marketing strategy. Thorough web content analysis can drive your business to the next level with valuable insights. StrategicDB is proud to offer unique techniques to conduct content data analysis.
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Data Acquisition Services

Whether you have an existing database that needs refreshing or you want to find new lists of customers to go after, StrategicDB can help with their Data Acquisition Services. They work with reputable data sources to get you the cleanest, most recent data available in the marketplace. StrategicDB can also help establish the right target market and help segment your current database for a more efficient marketing campaign.
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Data Cleansing

StrategicDB provides Data Cleansing services by analyzing areas of need within your data situation. They will flag any unusable email addresses and append any data that is missing if they can derive it from your records. For example, if the state is missing from an account but you have the zip code, they are able to correlate the data. They can also acquire third party data to append your database and make it complete if needed.
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Data Deduplication Services

StrategicDB provides Data Deduplication Services not just for leads, contacts and accounts, but also for different types of data, regardless of whether it is used in marketing automation systems or sales CRMs. Their approach to de-duping not only highlights the duplicates, but also suggests master and merged records based on different scenarios that are applicable to your business. With this process, you will have full confidence without spending the extra time and effort that it would take to complete in-house.
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Data Deduplication Tool

StrategicDB's Data Deduplication Tool allows you to identify duplicates based on your own rules. It also identifies which record should be selected as the surviving record (master) based on your own business rules. StrategicDB provides you with the confidence level of the match as well as data completeness per each record.
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Data Governance Consulting

StrategicDB provides Data Governance Services by analyzing areas which require either a systematic restructuring or a change in process. By providing recommendations and helping implement data quality process which works best for your company, they can help ensure the data coming in is clean and ready for use immediately. Examples of recommendations include automatically normalizing fields with look-up tables and having sales or marketing reps check the company name against the system to see if the company already exists.
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Data Modeling Services

StrategicDB can conduct the most advanced data modeling techniques that you may require for your business. For example, they can create a decision tree model, correlation model, cohort analysis, sensitivity analysis, account scoring, funnel analysis, lead scoring services, scenarios analysis and liner regression. StrategicDB can also conduct ad-hoc analysis for those that are stuck with a business problem.
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Data Normalization Services

StrategicDB provides Data Normalization Services for both common fields and custom fields. Common fields typically include: Country, State/Province, Titles, Industry, Annual Revenue Range and Employee Range. They can also do a data audit to identify custom fields that can be normalized.
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Data Quality Dashboard

StrategicDB provides Data Quality monitoring services by creating a data quality score, which serves as a high level overview of your data. They will also set up a Data Quality Dashboard (depending on the system you use) to allow you to monitor the data quality on an ongoing basis. The dashboard will be customizable to your business and your needs.
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Datorama Marketing Analytics Service Partner

StrategicDB is a Certified Datorama partner. They have helped numerous marketing agencies and marketing teams automate their reporting and dashboards and can do the same for you. StrategicDB's philosophy is to automate as much as they can so that there is little or no maintenance required.
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Free Data Audit Report

StrategicDB offers a no obligation, free data auditing report that will help you understand the current state of your data and how it is affecting your business. Data auditing is a process in which all fields and data processes are reviewed to uncover issues or identify possible opportunities. The data auditing process is important to the future health and efficiency of your overall data structure and will help identify where you are succeeding and where you are not meeting expectations.
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Market Research

StrategicDB's Market Research can help identify industry trends, industry size and potential target markets. They can also help provide benchmarking for your specific industry. Other market research services StrategicDB provides include identifying and prioritizing a specific target.
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Marketing Analytics

StrategicDB can help you outsource your marketing analytics needs by providing you with full analytical services.
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Sales Operations Services

Whether you are looking for a simple sales dashboard, need to optimize your CRM, can’t figure out the size of your sales team or number of leads required per rep, or need a different sales analysis, StrategicDB's Sales Operations Services have you covered. They have experience working with, ZohoCRM, Base and Insightly.
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Segmentation and Profiling Services

StrategicDB offers segmentation and profiling services for your marketing, sales, customer, website, and product data. Their segmentation models have helped businesses increase their conversion rates, improve ROI, identify profitable customer clusters, improve customer retention, help up-sell more products and much much more.
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Social Media Analytics

StrategicDB helps create social media reporting and establishes an analytical social media framework for you to monitor and establish trends, get insights and conduct a sentiment analysis.
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Survey Design and Analysis Services

StrategicDB can help administer and analyze responses via questionnaires, market research and social media listening. They help you to identify the sampling method and with question design and survey result analysis. StrategicDB does not just provide survey design services, but helps drive results by analyzing survey data without any bios.
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