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Account-Based Marketing is a B2B marketing methodology in which businesses regard every client as a "market of one." In ABM, all communications with key accounts are individually-focused, personalized communications. 



"Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is the practice of business-marketing that is focused on creating target audiences comprised of sets of accounts which have been identified as having the best opportunity to grow the business. These target audiences may be limited to a single account, tens, hundreds, or even thousands of accounts. The key is to focus marketing resources exclusively on these accounts and avoid activities which do not reach or impact the target account list.     
John Dering, Senior Director of ABM Technology & Strategy, Demandbase

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By Hushly
ABM Campaign Pages is an account-based marketing solution that gives marketers the ability to use templates to customize the layout, design and style of landing pages. Users are also able to personalize every content experience for target accounts, w...
SalesSpider Media's Account Based Marketing Dashboard is utilized by clients to accurately segment and measure ABM campaigns by Account or Company Target names, Company Sizes, Geography, Industries, and more. It includes reports and integration into ...
By Adobe
ABM Essentials is an Account-Based Marketing platform that enables customers to generate qualified account opportunities and maximize revenue. Using Account Profiling, marketing and sales teams can develop target accou­nts to engage within a matter o...
ABM360 is an account-based marketing solution that leverages digital display, demand generation, and data solutions to help marketers identify purchasing intent. The solution includes components such as personalization for better engagement and lead...
Terminus empowers B2B marketing and sales teams with enhanced capabilities to target, execute, measure and optimize ABM campaigns at scale. Allows marketers to easily develop automated, multifaceted campaigns for demand generation, sales pipeline and...
AccountLink is our ABM solution where we can help you build an ABM audience with a target company list/key account list. Our ABM solution uses AI technology to analyze 180 days of location traffic to a corporate headquarters.
ActivateABM helps convert your best accounts faster by finding and engaging with the most influential individuals throughout the buyer journey. It brings sales and marketing together with integrated buyer insights and Journey Optimization to make ...
By Akoonu
The Akoonu ABM platform provides B2B marketers with in-depth buyer understanding, targeted messaging and content strategy. Akoonu helps engage each buyer across the stages of their buying journey.
The Celsius Account Based Marketing Platform helps you talk to your customers and accelerate your revenue pipeline. Engage online with your key accounts by targeting your key decision makers with personalized messages.
The Demandbase ABM Platform is the only comprehensive, end-to-end ABM platform that lets you easily discover and manage audiences of target accounts, measure the progress of those accounts and act on them across the entire funnel. Bring together ABM ...
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