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Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Company Overview
Terminus is the first Account-Based Marketing platform that enables B2B marketers to target companies, engage decision-makers on their terms, and accelerate sales pipeline velocity at scale using account-based advertising.
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Products and Services

Account-Based Marketing Orchestration Platform for B2B Marketers

Terminus empowers B2B marketing and sales teams with enhanced capabilities to target, execute, measure and optimize ABM campaigns at scale. Allows marketers to easily develop automated, multifaceted campaigns for demand generation, sales pipeline and customer marketing. Marketers can orchestrate tactics for different buying stages, personas, accounts or other criteria within each campaign. Updated to include extended engagement analytics and measurement based on intent.
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Terminus App

TerminusApp is a UTM URL Builder. Add multiple URLs, choose existing UTM values, create new ones, use a preset to quickly populate common UTM settings, or create a new preset. Everything is designed to help you follow your naming conventions and avoid mistakes.
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Terminus Engagement Hub

Terminus is a B2B advertising automation platform that includes retargeting, and targeting by industry or account. The Terminus platform provides best-in-class reporting through a detailed, drillable dashboard, and offers integration with a variety of CRM and Marketing Automation software platforms.Terminus is designed to provide a clear picture of how well your advertising is resonating across devices, personas, sales stages, and campaigns.
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