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Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Company Overview
Terminus is the first Account-Based Marketing platform that enables B2B marketers to target companies, engage decision-makers on their terms, and accelerate sales pipeline velocity at scale using account-based advertising.
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Products and Services

Account-Based Marketing Orchestration Platform for B2B Marketers

Terminus empowers B2B marketing and sales teams with enhanced capabilities to target, execute, measure and optimize ABM campaigns at scale.
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Terminus is a B2B advertising automation platform that includes retargeting, and targeting by industry or account. The Terminus platform provides best-in-class reporting through a detailed, drillable dashboard, and offers integration with a variety of CRM and Marketing Automation software platforms.Terminus is designed to provide a clear picture of how well your advertising is resonating across devices, personas, sales stages, and campaigns.
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Terminus App

TerminusApp is a UTM URL Builder. Add multiple URLs, choose existing UTM values, create new ones, use a preset to quickly populate common UTM settings, or create a new preset. Everything is designed to help you follow your naming conventions and avoid mistakes.
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