AI Enablement

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AI enablement uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist with customer segmentation, personalized messaging, content creation and campaign optimization. 

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Actifai Digital is an end-to-end digital sales solution that utilizes AI and machine learning to guide broadband providers’ online shoppers to the right products and services that best meet their needs — without requiring agent interaction.
CX.AI is a suite of AI-enabled solutions purpose-built for customer experience (CX), marketing, and data teams. CX.AI is an audience co-pilot for marketers, a decisioning engine for personalizing the customer experience, and a GenAI content builder t...
By Adobe
Adobe GenStudio is an end-to-end solution to accelerate and simplify your content supply chain with generative AI and intelligent automation. Integrate high velocity creative expression with sophisticated activation to deliver beautiful content to ev...
By Zoovu
Advisor Studio is a fully optimized generative AI solution built to solve customer frustration, mistrust, and choice overload when shopping online while driving greater revenue for brands. Advisor Studio captures zero-party data from Zoovu's guided s...
AvaTouch is a generative video bot meeting system designed to revolutionize remote work. AvaTouch is an AI system that uses natural language processing and machine learning to facilitate one-on-one meetings between individuals and an AI bot. With Ava...
Beehive AI, the Qualitative Intelligence (QI) platform, is the scalable solution to answer, on an ongoing basis, the question of what motivates customers to act
By Boomi
Boomi AI is a simplified user experience tool that harnesses generative AI to connect and integrate applications, data, processes, people, and things across organizations – creating business outcomes faster than ever before.
By Box
Box AI is a suite of advanced capabilities to integrate artificial intelligence models into enterprise content. This innovative technology aims to enhance productivity by enabling users to generate content directly from Box Notes, find specific infor...
By NovaAI
BrandGuard™ is an advanced AI platform trained on your brand guidelines that helps you monitor and validate brand assets at machine speed, giving you peace of mind that your brand is always protected.
Signals is an advanced AI tool built to help you understand your customers, and go from data to insight to action in just a few clicks. Signals uses an advanced data pipeline to process reviews, social posts and surveys through multiple AI models, in...
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