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Customer Success tools help internal customer success, service, and marketing teams monitor customer activity and sentiment to better understand overall customer account health post-sale.

Customer success software platforms centralize all customer data into an accessible 360-degree view of the customer. The data might include support tickets, product usage, and adoption, downloads, upsells, or other customer signals. The typical goals of Customer Success activities are decreased customer churn, increased customer satisfaction (usually measured by an NPS score), and increased upsell opportunities.

Some customer success software will include all of the features below, while others may focus specifically on one area of customer success tracking or monitoring.

Source: Trust Radius

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By Akita
Akita is a Customer Success Management platform that helps businesses nurture, retain, and grow their customer base. The solution connects the cloud-based software-as-a-service applications businesses use and aggregates data in real-time. Providing C...
The Snap4that app provides consumers links to specific product info such as how-to-videos, manuals, FAQs, accessories etc. and uploads contact info from the phone to a secure portal that partners can access. The consumer simply scans a barcode inclu...
Bolstra is an agile customer success platform that enables B2B businesses to maximize customer lifetime value while reducing churn.
ChurnZero is a real-time SaaS platform that helps subscription businesses fight customer churn. The platform integrates with CRM systems and tightly into an application or service. In doing so, ChurnZero (1) helps businesses understand how their cust...
Convoso is omnichannel contact center software that helps increase contact and lead conversion rates. A predictive dialer with superior recycle logic—combined with lead management automation—empowers outbound contact centers to move more leads throug...
FICX CXA is a customer experience automation platform that empowers any business professional to build secure, automated customer processes without coding or developer support. The FICX Platform streamlines and accelerates broken customer journeys, r...
Flocktory is a social referral marketing platform that can be easily integrated with any e-commerce site to enable sharing of personalized offers via social networks.
Freshdesk is an easy to use, full featured CRM for businesses of all sizes. It's highly customizable, integrates with other popular platforms and is built to boost customer satisfaction.
Gainsight's Customer Success Platform is a powerful solution in Customer Lifecycle Management. Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Drive impactful conversations with your customers with access to data from your CRM, service desk, usage trac...
By Kofax
Kofax Customer Communications Manager enables users to create relevant, accurate, and highly personalized content, delivered in both paged (e.g. print or PDF) and non-paged formats (e.g. email, HTML, and XML).
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