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Stockholm, Sweden
Company Overview
Stockholm-based Spotify has grown to become a global favorite for music lovers of all ages. The digital streaming platform delivers music on any device any time. Subscribers can play songs, find artists and albums, create and share playlists in shuffle mode or choose a ready-made playlist. Spotify offers advertisers video takeovers, sponsored sessions, and playlist targeting that leverages audience segmentation based on age, gender, activity and musical taste.
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Products and Services

Gimlet Media

Gimlet Media was acquired by Spotify in 2019. It is a company producing podcasts, with a best-in-class podcast studio with dedicated IP development, production and advertising capabilities.
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Megaphone Targeted Marketplace

Megaphone Targeted Marketplace enables advertisers reach the right audience at the right time on premium podcasts—no wasted impressions. You know why listeners took action via metrics like attribution and brand lift, but only on brand-safe podcasts, guaranteed.
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Spotify for Brands

Spotify for Brands gives advertisers access to millions of online radio listeners in nearly 60 different markets. Spotify advertisers reach the right audience at the right time through a suite of options that includes sponsored playlists and audience targeting based on demographic and musical tastes. Spotify Podcast Ads, powered by Streaming Ad Insertion, has a full suite of planning, reporting and measurement capabilities to view impressions, frequency, reach and audience demographics.
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